Join us!

Multiple RA positions (MS and Ph.D.) are available in the area of material growth, device design, and fabrication for electronics, optoelectronics, bio-photonics, and quantum applications. More specifically, focus will be on wide-bandgap (Al,Ga,In-N) and ultra-wide bandgap (Al,Ga,In-Ox) semiconductors to realize the next-generation devices. The research being cross-disciplinary and fundamental in nature would allow students from different backgrounds (electrical engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering etc.) to participate and excel. Students broadly interested in semiconductors/materials science/fabrication/nanotechnology/applied physics etc. may directly reach out to the P.I.s by email.

Undergraduate students with an interest/background in building optical set-ups for device characterization are highly encouraged to reach out to the P.I.s via email.