Porous GaN

Our PIs pioneer in the development of porous GaN technology for optoelectronic and electronic applications. Ceramic-like hardness of GaN could be reduced with the porosification process. Our group works on exploring integration avenues of this material to provide novel solutions for emerging applications

          Nitride based optoelectronic device

The direct bandgap of the Indium, Gallium, and Aluminum nitride material system, allows for the fabrication of highly efficient LEDs and LASERs. Our group works on extending the high efficiency of blue LEDs to the UV as well as IR wavelength ranges leveraging high-quality material growth capability and unique epitaxial structure design

                          Scaled RF devices

The large bandgap and high electron mobility in the nitride material system enable high breakdown voltage and high-efficiency RF devices. Our group develops novel device architectures and optimized epitaxial structures to push the device capabilities to material limits, and then some.

          High breakdown voltage power devices

GaN has the capability of providing low on-resistance and high breakdown voltage, hence they can be utilized for efficient power switching applications. Our group works on both vertical and lateral power device architectures to achieve near to ideal device characteristics.